Insurance companies have become more aggressive in their efforts to get injured parties to accept initial settlement offers. One tactic they use is tell the injured “not to hire and pay for an attorney”. Pretending to be concerned for the victim, the insurance company will claim that they represent your best interest and why incur a fee for a lawyer as they will cover everything.

The insurance adjuster’s job is to settle your claim for the least amount possible, and show a good result for the company. The adjuster is not an attorney, although many attempt to practice law. They have no duty to advise you of all the legal ramifications of signing a release and settling, including precluding your ability to pursue additional sources of compensation. There are complex issues that surround every settlement, including the injured party’s obligation to pay back health insurance carriers for medical bills that have been paid.

Do not sign a release that will forever preclude your ability to obtain just compensation, without consulting an attorney. We will provide a complimentary evaluation and advise you of all of your legal rights.