The Ohio State Medical Association wants the General Assembly to pass a bill granting immunity to emergency room physicians for making medical errors. In plain and simple terms, the emergency room doctors that treat you will no longer be held accountable or responsible for their negligence.


The Ohio legislature several years ago limited the amount of financial awards for medical malpractice, and the number of lawsuits declined by about 35%. Physicians medical malpractice insurance rates declined as well. But now the Ohio State Medical Association wants to take advantage of the Republican control of the legislature to the disadvantage of victims. When will Ohioans wake up and smell the roses? Under the guise of “less government” argument, the little guy is losing all protections, and the rich get richer mentality controls.


Why should the emergency room doctor not be held responsible for making a medical error? Perhaps the taxpayers should be saddled with the bill. So long as the wealthy lobby of the physicians greases the pockets of our representatives, and the voice of the victims goes unheard, expect more and more limitations in the future.