Statistics show that twenty percent of motorists in the State of Ohio are operating their vehicles without insurance. What does this mean to you? If you are struck by an at-fault driver with no insurance, your only recourse will be against your own auto insurance company. Your agent should offer you as a part of your coverage package, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. The premiums associated with this coverage are not costly, and this coverage protects you and your family members against uncompensated injury losses. Although this coverage is not mandatory under the law, it is extremely important as it covers you and your loved ones living in your home, for loss when struck by someone without insurance. It also provides coverage to you in the event the party-at-fault has minimum, or low limits, coverage. Additionally, it provides protection to all insured under your policy when struck as a pedestrian, or even as a passenger in someone else vehice.

We at Vickery, Riehl, & Alter have handled many uninsured and underinsured motorist cases on behalf of our clients. Just because the claim is against your own insurance company, DO NOT think that your company will explain all the important ramifications of your claim, or pay you a fair amount for your claim. They will hire their own set of lawyers and fight every aspect of your legitimate claim. They hire doctors of their choice to testify against you, and do not care that you have paid the premium for this coverage.

We currently represent a couple who received devastating injuries when struck by a motorist fleeing the police who was uninsured. State Farm Insurance Company has refused to pay them under their own uninsured motorist coverage a fair amount, hired a lawyer to fight their claim in court, and claim that they were not seriously injured. State Farm has insisted they sign medical authorizations to review their past medical history going back over thirty years.

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