The purpose of retro-reflective tape on tractor trailers is to increase the visibility of heavy trailers to other motorists, especially in the dark. At those times, the tape brightly reflects other motorist’s headlights and warns them that they are closing on a heavy trailer. In the dark, without tape, many trailers do not become visible to other road users until they are dangerously close. The alternating red-and-white pattern flags its bearer as a heavy trailer and at the same time helps other road users gauge their distance and rate of approach.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules require retro-reflective sheeting and reflex reflectors for all trailers manufactured before December 1, 1993, under section 393.13.

For additional reference to Federal Motor Carrier regulations, please visit www.fmcsa.dot.gov.

For additional information on all trucking companies registered with the Department of Transportation,e.g., types of authority, number of trucks, insurance coverage, number of accidents in the last two years, safety rating, please visit www.safersys.org.

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