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Columbus, Ohio personal injury attorney Mitchell J. Alter provides exceptional representation to injured plaintiffs in Ohio. Throughout the decades, he has successfully recovered high damage awards through strategic negotiations and assertive litigation.

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“My effectiveness stems from my commitment to my clients and my focus on integrity in my daily practice. My clients trust me to provide knowledgeable representation that achieves results.”

The following represents a sampling of cases and the results achieved for my clients. Nothing contained herein should be construed as legal advice or a guarantee of what your results might be. The results obtained depend on the facts and circumstances of each case:
Wrongful death

  • $4.625 million settlement for wrongful death of mother and adult son in collision with a commercial truck (Clark County)

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • $95,000 settlement for moped operator struck by vehicle that failed to yield right of way.
  • $335,000 settlement for injured woman in vehicular collision with severe ankle fracture. (Franklin County)
  • $100,000 settlement of policy limits for man injured in vehicular collision with spinal fractures requiring surgery.
  • $90,000 settlement for woman injured in a vehicular collision sustaining a shoulder injury that required surgery.
  • $150,000 settlement for man injured in two vehicular collisions occurring one after the next and sustained multiple rib fractures and angle fractures requiring surgery.
  • $250,000 settlement for policy limits for woman injured while shopping in a store when a vehicle operator traveled off the roadway and crashed into the building pinning the victim underneath the car.
  • $300,000 settlement of policy limits for 54 year old man struck by a distracted driver while he was operating his riding mower
  • $272,000 settlement for young woman riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle who sustained a spiral fracture to her dominant arm requiring surgery
  • $250,000 settlement for minor struck as a pedestrian by a hit-skip motorist sustaining multiple pelvic fractures and femur fracture
  • $190,000 settlement for Chase Bank employee for injuries sustained as a passenger that required cervical surgery at C5-6.

Passenger injury

  • $390,000 settlement for injuries sustained by a passenger in a motor vehicle accident (Delaware County)

Severe injury

  • $1.8 million settlement for amputation injury of motorcyclist in collision with a commercial truck (Franklin County)

Burns, explosions and fires

  • $1.85 million settlement for severe burn injury resulting from collision with a commercial truck (Gallia County)


  • $1.5 million settlement for motor vehicle accident resulting in traumatic brain injury and coma (Kenton, Ky.)
  • $1.55 million settlement for motor vehicle accident resulting in traumatic brain injury and coma (Montgomery County)

Workplace accidents and OSHA investigations

  • $1.1 million settlement for asphalt company employee involved in an explosion at plant with suit for intentional tort against employer (Gallia County)

Defective surgical implants

  • Amounts confidential for multiple defective surgical hip implants requiring re-implantation (Franklin County)

Playground injuries

  • $315,000 settlement for injuries associated with negligent supervision of camper at Buckeye Boy’s ranch (Franklin County)

Product failure

  • $1.2 million settlement for wrongful death associated with failure of an automotive jack stand (Ashtabula County)
  • $525,000 settlement for injuries associated with defective automotive design (Franklin County)

Homeowners claim

  • $315,000 verdict for insurance company’s failure to pay homeowner’s fire claim (Franklin County)

ERISA subrogation disputes

  • $130,000 savings to client for compromised health insurer’s subrogated claim (Franklin County)

Life insurance

  • $150,000 settlement with life insurer regarding failure to pay claim (Franklin County)


  • $275,000 settlement for injuries associated with houseboat recall for electrical wiring defects (Somerset, Ky.)

Truck/Tractor Trailer Accidents

  • $4.585 million settlement for a minors injuries claim against a trucking company as sole counsel. (Franklin County)
  • $1.1 million settlement for an injured USPS employee struck by a tractor trailer. (Franklin County)
  • $90,000 settlement for a mechanic injured in accident with tractor trailer.  (Gallia County)




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