When you vote this election, I recommend you vote first for Rice and O’Donnell for the Ohio Supreme Court.

Your future and your children’s future depend upon restoring balance to our Supreme Court.  Appellate Judge Cynthia Rice and Common Pleas Judge John P. O’Donnell will bring real balance and fairness to the Supreme Court.

This Court has ruled against Ohio’s working families and consumers, and in favor corporate interests, like insurance companies, banks, and Wall Street firms.  Here are a few decisions that have eroded your rights:

Lawson decision: The Court moved insurance companies in front of injured victims to receive money in a legal settlement.  For 125 years, our legal system has said the victim is first in line to be compensated for their injuries, but the court ruled that health insurance companies get paid first, even if there is no money left for the victim.

Grouch decision: The Court denied cases from being heard when a person is injured or suffers a financial loss caused by equipment that was built more than 10 years ago. That means if the BP oil spill had happened here in Ohio, and the oil rig was 10 years old, BP would be protected and would not have to pay anyone whose business was destroyed by the oil spill.

Kaminski decision: The Court prevented workers who are seriously injured on the job from seeking compensation from their employer, even if the employer removed a safety guard or ordered the employee to operate machinery unsafely. Now, injured workers must prove to a jury that their employer purposely tried to hurt them, which is nearly impossible to show.

You can help protect the rights of Ohio’s working families and consumers by joining me in support of Judge Rice and Judge O’Donnell.

Judges Rice and O’Donnell will be tough on crime.   They have decades of judicial experience.  They were highly rated by an unbiased panel at the Ohio State Bar Association.  And they will, in my opinion, protect the rights of average Ohioans much better than their opponents.

When you close the curtain of the voting booth, please vote first for Judge Cynthia Rice and Judge John P. O’Donnell for Ohio Supreme Court.