The NTSB, www.ntsb.gov, concluded that tire-related crashes that result in about 19,000 injuries and hundreds of deaths each year are preventable.  The NTSB study of recall data from 2009-2013 discovered that only 44% of recalled tires were removed from service.  Recalled tires often remaining service for years after a recall and aged tires are operated beyond their service lives.

In a February 21,2014 accident involving a church van rollover in Lake City, Florida that killed two passengers and severely injured several minor children, the NTSB investigation found the crash was caused by the failure of the van’s left rear tire which had been recalled 18 months prior for a safety defect.

Recall notifications are not being sent to the consumers, and the only way to determine whether a tire is subject to a recall is to locate the tire identification number(TIN), which is often hidden on the inside of the mounted sidewall of the tire.  The TIN is difficult to locate without the vehicle up on a lift.

Please consult the NTSB website for more information, or contact my office for assistance.