In 2006, about 4,935 people were killed riding motorcycles. The failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the major cause of all bike accidents. Intersections are the most likely place for the motorcycle accident, with the other vehicle violating the motorcycle right-of-way. The typical motorcycle accident allows the cyclist just less than 2 seconds to complete all collision avoidance action.

Please be conscious of motorcycles when you drive, and share the road accordingly. For more information of our law firm’s successful representation of motorcyclists, please visit our website at www.mjalterlaw.com.

We have obtained settlements in excess of $1,000,000.00 on behalf of the injured cyclist and his/her family.

Statistics from the “Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures” study, conducted by the University of Southern California, with funds from the National Highway Traffice Safety Administration, researched by Harry Hurt. See www.nhtsa.gov